Hut, two, three, four…hut, two, three, four….Don’s body is soooo sore. 

Last night was my first practice with the Ma-Yi Dragon boat team. We met at Pro Fitness near Broadway and Columbus circle, did some stretches and then we all went over to Central Park to run.  There was about 20 of us.  We started off with a short sprint (which turned out to be the longest sprint I’ve ever down) and we ended up near Bethesda fountain. From there we did pushup, crunches, jumping jacks, more sprints, dips, everything that Zeke (our land trainer) could have thrown at us.  All of this with about two or three 10 second breaks. Vincent (our boat trainer) was good at checking in on the new people.  Saturday we get on the boat at 9am at Flushing Meadows.  I am aching all over, but loving it.  This has been the most intense workout I’ve ever had since my good old gymnastics days or even when I used to wrestle!  We finished at 9pm.  I was surprisingly able to keep up pretty well given the fact that everyone else have been training much longer than me.  I found out today that last night we had worked out harder than they ever did for last year’s team.  I look forward to the boat race festival which will in August.  Here’s a link to last year’s festivities…



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