Hey, I get to have dinner at Sardis tonight.  Apparently a gentleman named James Chladek is taking the cast and production team out.  He owns several television and radio stations in NYC and Florida. He was introduced to Jorge (Exec Director of Ma-Yi) by Mark Druck, who is a drama critic, playwright, and member of the Dramatists Guild. They urged many of their friends to see TRIAL BY WATER and there is talk of giving the production another life and/or transferring into film.  At this point it’s just talk and dinner.  But who knows, maybe something will come out of it.  As always, I will keep everyone updated!    ~ Nuge


2 thoughts on “Dinner at Sardis!

  1. Hey Don,Here’s how small the world is. A fellow named Qui Nguyen (an Ohio University Grad) mentioned that his play was being produced off-broadway. I knew I had heard of it before when I saw it on your site. I just started a brief email thread with him, and it turns out that you were the assistant director on the production. Small Worlds. I’m trying to see one of his productions of the Vampire Cowboys Troupe.Anywhoo … We’ll call you if something comes up. It was great hanging out with ya and we’ll try and do something again before we leave on Thursday morning.All the bestChipperP.S. I can only assume that Qui Nguyen is the same QUI who has also left a post to this blog article. HI QUI!!!

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