Last weekend was considerably busy for me. Not only did I have the hong kong dragon boat festival, but the one-act play I directed opened at the same time. It was a good experience for me. My cast was great (three actors) and it was a pleasure working for Manhattan Theatre Rep. They have their own space on 42nd and 8th ave which is right on the edge of time square. The stage itself is no more than the size of my living room, seating about 30 people. That’s the great thing about off-off broadway. The focus isn’t so much on the production values as it is on the acting and the writing. I was pleased with how the show went and apparently so was Ken Wolf, the artistic director of manhattan rep. He has offered to let me produce and direct anything I want in the spring, as long as it’s under 90 minutes. Right now I’m on a plane flying back to NE for the weekend to see family and friends and recharge my batteries from a very busy month. It doesn’t look like it will lighten up when I get back, since I’m currently assistant directing a show called Foggy Bottom for the Abingdon theatre which opens in Sept. That same month I’m also taking a fight class with the vampire cowboys theatre, led by brotha nuge (Qui Nguyen) who wrote Trial By Water. In October I’m re-directing some stage readings of one acts that I directed last december for Queens Theatre in the Park. Busy busy busy. I’m not complaining.



One thought on “My New York directing debut

  1. You ARE taking the fight class – cool! Huge Congrats on the offer for the spring show! That is just so exciting!!! It’s great to see/hear about your successes in NYC – and in such a short time! Amazing! Just remember the little people, okay?;)

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