Suzan-Lori Parks 365 Days/365 Plays festival Weeks 4-8 was held at the Public Theatre’s Shiva Theatre last Sunday. We had our tech at noon – only 45 minutes. Luckily we only had 10 chairs for our set and our tech crew had already done preliminary work, so our tech went pretty smooth.

We had a fully company meeting at 2pm. There were five theatre companies total, and we pretty much filled up the entire theatre. It was great to see all these people involved in this project.

The day went very well. It was great to see what all the different theatre companies did with their pieces.

The audience for both performances (3pm and 7pm) really responded favorably to the plays Rob and I directed, and they loved our cast.

I was really very proud of them, since most of them were ESL students for Rob at Laguardia College, and most of them don’t have any desire to pursue acting professionally, they were such pros during the peformances.

I think we were all a little surprised with how much the audience responded during our first peformance with lot’s of laughter and such. What was great was the cast not pushing anything for the last performance. They just did what they had rehearsed, and not tried to push the audience for the same reactions. That’s a trait that many seasoned actors still don’t have.


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