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Fireworks 3, originally uploaded by thenugespeaks.

Do you remember how you spent your last fourth of July? Last year, Amy, me and my good friend Jeff watched the fireworks over the East River on the Manhattan side of New York.

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This year, I wanted to do something a little different, so Amy, my friend Nora, and I ventured into Long Island City, a wonderful up and coming area just directly across from the river in Queens and just a short 10 minute train ride from Astoria.

We had a great dinner at a nearby Irish Pub (Fish and Chips, ahoy!) and then walked a couple of blocks to the river. There were a lot of people already camped out, but no where near the number of people across the river last year.

I was so excited to see the fireworks from this vantage point that I found myself doing a cartwheel down the sidewalk as we walked to the piers. Then it started to rain. Damn. That cartwheel I did must have summoned the rain gods or something. So up went our umbrellas, and we stood there waiting, and dodging other umbrellas threatening to poke our eyes out. (Umbrellas indeed are one of the most dangerous things man has invented).

As flashbacks of Hal Daub canceling Halloween on a cold October night in Nebraska, I got the same sickening feeling that our independence celebration would be all washed up. Pun intended.

Than the rain turned into a light drizzle and the cannons fired. The crowd roared with cheers and Long Island City lit up with red, white and blue.

God bless America…and the Chinese for inventing fireworks. View Photos


One thought on “LIC Boom Boom

  1. Random comment – Your title to this blog reminds me of a T-Rex song I learned in grade school – Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very mean king, He terrorized the countryside and made the giant reptiles hide. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! Lacking without notes – but you understand my thought connection now… 🙂

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