Here’s a story about our show that appeared on the Forbes blog.

We’re back with a new show this fall! Coming off the heels of last year’s workshop which served as a proof of concept, we got a lot of interest and good feedback from our audience. This week, our newest show titled “Google Rising” focuses on the issues of power and privacy in today’s information age. We chose Google as our storytelling framework because Google has their hands in almost every industry out there and are teetering dangerously close towards being a real life SkyNet.

I’m back writing for the Living Newspaper, along with good friend and fellow writer Josh Koenisberg, and new writer Sarah Burgess.  We’re all having fun, drinking a lot, and saying lots of inappropriate things which will stay in the writer’s room thank you very much.

Writing for these shows is always intense but ultimately gratifying.  I had to leave during tech week to attend/officiate a friend’s wedding back in Nebraska, but I was still writing.  In fact, as soon as I got off the plane, I sped to the nearest coffee shop with wifi to put some finishing touches on a new draft of one of my pieces.  As I type this, my fellow Newspapes are performing up at ART in Boston right now.  Then they will travel back to NYC tomorrow and we’ll put it up at (le) poisson rouge on Thu Sept 16th.  I’m excited to see how it turns out, especially one of my pieces which is an Appalachian song I wrote lyrics for called The Ballad of Kai-Fu Lee which Alex Barron did a wonderful job composing the music for.   Wendy Seyb choreographed the shit out of it.  Can’t wait to see it, along with all the other pieces from my fellow writers.

Rehearsal for Google Rising

Rehearsal for Google Rising - The Ballad of Kai-Fu Lee

Here’s a story about our show that appeared on the Forbes blog.


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