When your birthday falls on a monday, the only thing you can do is make a weekend out of it.  And a weekend it was.  It started Saturday at the Rogue to watch the Huskers get beat by the Long Horns.   Okay, not off to a very good start.  But while we we losing, Nora surprised me with some gummi bear blackout cupcakes.  It was soaked with vodka, I think.  Something.  It was good.  Too good.

After the game, it was off to Brooklyn to join some close friends for fall festivities which included pumpkin carving, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pumpkin seeds!

Sunday I took it easy because it was a rather long and liquid Saturday.

The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint

Monday after work, me and some co-workers went to the Perfect Pint in midtown for some beers.  I quite like this place. The front of the building is so ornate, it’s bound to be either terrible or surprisingly good.  It was the latter.  After a few drinks, I met up with some friends for a little birthday gathering at The Volstead.

The Volstead

The Volstead

Our server was great.  Very attentive.  And the drinks were sublime.  I don’t remember how many mojitos I had, but it was a lot.

The next day I picked up a package my little sister Julie sent me, and it was an awesome Star Trek card, DVD set of TOS and a Captain Kirk doll!   I guess you could say my birthday ended up in the awesome quadrant.  Stardate 10.18.2010.  Captain out.


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